the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) aims to achieve a rapid liberalisation of the Taxi and car service market. He put on a Reform of the passenger transport act in the year 2020, said Scheuer of the news magazine Focus.

“The last Reform of the passenger transport act has lasted for six years. I would like to, that we are this Time much faster, and I hope to implement in the next year,” said Scheuer. Yet Scheuer had planned to continue the Reform until the end of the parliamentary term.

the key elements of The Reform see, among others, that the so-called return compulsory for car hire companies, with drivers, such as Uber or Lyft, be abolished. So far, they must return to after each trip to the main location and may not be different than Taxis wait on the street to customers.

in Addition, should be repealed the so-called pooling prohibition for car rental with drivers. Providers could continue to provide even pooling services, so passengers with a similar Start and finish the collection. At the same time scouring of the taxi industry, wants to give a special Status. Existing industries should not be destroyed, said the Minister of transport.

consumer organisations have welcomed the plans. The taxi industry has warned against it prior to the massive negative impact on the industry that you are in.