Despite the debate, the pollutant emissions of diesel engines, Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) continues to draw on the technology. Especially in rural areas, “the Diesel of the future and will have the Diesel for the future,” said Scheuer after a Meeting with Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), the Bavarian IG Metall, as well as the heads of Audi, and BMW in Munich. Also, synthetic fuels and hydrogen could in future play a greater role.

The diesel engine cities in the interior as the main source of nitrogen oxides. Due to high nitrogen oxide levels in the air have been adopted in Hamburg and Stuttgart already driving bans for older diesel vehicles, in other cities restrictions threaten also. Therefore, and because of the VW-exhaust-scandal – is gone, the demand for Diesel Cars. The automotive industry needs the Diesel but, in order to meet the climate targets of the EU. This is because diesel vehicles emit less CO2, and less climate are thus harmful than gasoline.

Scheuer pointed out that in many cities, the nitrogen oxide measuring values would fall. He was with the EU Commission, in an interview, “how do we get workable solutions”. Söder called to check after the criticism of the lungs doctors the limits, and not to “operate measuring stations in Germany is absurd”. The EU had introduced the limit values for nitrogen oxides in 2010.

The Bavarian IG-metal-Chef Johann Horn, said environmental protection is important, but good jobs and affordable mobility “for the little man” be it also. BMW CEO Harald Krüger said, in China and many other countries will enforce the electric car with a battery. However, the combination of combustion and electric motor in hybrid vehicles “a technology of the future”, especially for cities.

Söder calls for automobile Pact

CSU-Chef Söder had called at the weekend for a “national Pact to ensure the automotive industry”. Germany need a common strategy and research policy for the preservation of jobs, he said. The German car industry had to secure the technology leadership in the drives and in Autonomous Driving.

For its foray Söder received support from the Federal government and the auto industry. “It is for the preservation of our industrial site is of vital importance that the automotive industry builds the best cars with the most innovative drive technologies in the world,” said Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) of the Augsburger Allgemeine. The promotion of the auto industry is part of its industrial strategy, which he wanted to introduce on Tuesday.

The German automotive Association VDA projects welcomed Söders: To support “all initiatives and topics that help to strengthen the competitiveness of the German automotive industry and to secure employment,” said the Association’s President, Bernhard Mattes, the newspaper said. The FDP Söders advance refused. “The German automotive industry does not need a Pact for the automotive industry,” said Vice-Chairman Michael Theurer. “It would be enough, if the policy ceases to destroy them.”