Anderlecht and It was not meant to be. Frank Arnesen was sporting will be responsible for, but will now be rating it at Anderlecht because of a… jeugdtransfer. The 16-year-old Norwegian talent Kristian Arnstad draw at Anderlecht, for instance, the Brussels-based club has just announced.

The telefoonboekje continues to be is often unused. Since Kompany at Anderlecht was introduced, the sporty power of a Frank Arnesen, the fiercely limited. Only with the return of Michel, Vlap, and Derrick Luckassen – not coincidentally, both are from the Netherlands he was closely involved. And so it was And to reinvent itself. He did this by focusing on the market of the international youth players.

now it’s a success for the first time. The purple-and-white pulls in, after all, Kristian Arnstad it. The newspaper reported that all of the other day, the Belgian recordkampioen have made the transition are now well known. Arnstad also lives in the thuisduel at Antwerp, at that.“By voetbalkenners it is considered to be the largest Scandinavian football talent of the last few years”, says the statement of the purple-and-white.“It was a very conscious decision to go to RSC Anderlecht to come,” says Arnstad. “This club has in Europe, with a great reputation in the field of youth development. In addition, you can also get it as a young player opportunities. In the style of Vincent Kompany at the club, wants to grind, it is so incredibly attractive. To me, in order to make it happen, at the U21 and at a later stage, hopefully with the A-centre.”

as The only 16-year-old midfield player of Stabaek, was on a visit to Belgium, where he Neerpede bezichtigde. He is on the advice of one of Arnesen, and with the approval of the Kompany. Anderlecht will be Arnstad, who has already made his debut for the A’s, the team of Stabaek, and regularly trained with the first team, to integrate the youth groups, with possible occasional sessions, with Kompany’s team. “I want to be the best in the world”, the player is certainly ambitious. And for that purpose, fulfill it, can be done more easily through the RSCA, the captain of Norway’s U16, who are interested in enjoying more of Man United and Sporting Lisbon.