Celebrities, as An expert, who is the brother of Jeffrey Epstein was switched on, and defend, the proposition of law doctor of the Us lender’s committed suicide. He suggests that it is the man who is the sexual assault the accused was, during the past summer, was in prison for life, was launched.

“The evidence shows rather murder than a suicide,” said Michael Baden, the news channel of Fox News. He also spoke of the “multiple fractures” of the hyoid bone in the neck, “which is very unusual for a suicide”.

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The death of Jeffrey Epstein on the 10th of August, in one of the prisons in New York and was de facto put an end to his criminal prosecution for the sexual abuse of underage girls, there is no process.

After a “careful” investigation, was the head of the legal-medical institute, New York, and Barbara Sampson, and that the 66-year-old lender is located, by posting a copy of it had been robbed. The lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein went to these conclusions right away, in doubt, and the announcement of an “independent and complete” investigation into the cause of it.

Is Michael Baden, who, at the request of the brother, Epstein was present at the autopsy, the fractures are typical for the killing by “strangulation,” he said on Fox News. The 85-year-old, an expert at the end of the 70’s, at the head of the legal-medical institute, New York city, and performed throughout his career of more than 20,000 openings, according to the biography on his official website.