Actress Amber Heard is unable to pay the million-euro fine imposed on her in the defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, according to her lawyer. The lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said on Thursday the television channel NBC. After weeks of trial, the jury found both Heard and Depp guilty on Wednesday. However, Heard’s penalty was significantly higher.

The 36-year-old must pay her ex-husband $15 million in damages while the 58-year-old must pay her $2 million, the jury ruled. Heard’s fine is reduced to $10.35 million because of a cap on fines in Virginia.

Asked if her client could raise this sum, Bredehoft replied: “Oh no, absolutely not.” She added that Heard wants to appeal the verdict and has “some excellent reasons” to do so.

The actress known from the film “Aquaman” had accused her ex-husband of domestic violence. Depp then sued his ex-wife for defamation in the court in Fairfax near the US capital Washington, accused the actress of repeatedly becoming violent and demanded $ 50 million (46.8 million euros). Heard responded with a counterclaim, demanding double the amount.

The jury, consisting of five men and two women, gave its verdict after around 13 hours of deliberations. She called a 2018 Washington Post post by Heard, in which she described herself as a victim of domestic violence, as defamatory and malicious. Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman, in turn, defamated Heard by describing her allegations in the Daily Mail as a “trick.”

Heard listened to the verdict with his eyes downcast. In a statement released immediately afterwards, she reacted “unspeakably disappointed”. “It breaks my heart that the body of evidence is still insufficient to stand up against my ex-husband’s disproportionate power, influence and dominance,” Heard wrote. The verdict was a “setback for the conviction that violence against women must be taken seriously”.

Depp was in the UK during the sentencing hearing. He explained on Instagram that the jury had “given my life back to him after six years” with their verdict. A new chapter has finally begun.

The six-week trial was broadcast live on television and watched by millions. In the process, Heard described how her ex-husband abused and sexually abused her. Depp vehemently denied the allegations and instead accused Heard of repeatedly becoming violent.