ARCHIV - 12.05.2022, Berlin: Andrij Melnyk, Botschafter der Ukraine in Deutschland, aufgenommen im Bundestag in Berlin. (zu dpa «Ukraine-Botschafter: Scholz soll bei Kiew-Besuch Panzer versprechen») Foto: Michael Kappeler/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In another open letter, German intellectuals called on politicians to end the Ukraine war through negotiations. This struck the Ukrainian ambassador in Germany, Andriy Melnyk.

In the appeal entitled “Armistice now!”, published in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” on Wednesday, well-known German personalities such as the philosopher Richard David Precht, writer Juli Zeh and science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar call for a “concerted push” for negotiations .

Europe is faced with the task of restoring peace on the continent and securing it in the long term. This requires the development of a strategy to end the war as quickly as possible, the letter says. The longer the current Western measures last, the less clear it becomes “which war aim is associated with them”.

Ambassador Melnyk was outraged on Twitter: “Not again, what a bunch of pseudo-intellectual losers”. They should all go to hell with their “defeatist “advice”.

Military expert Carlo Masala also said on Twitter: “The next attempt by people who have not yet dealt with international politics (with two exceptions) to demand things without presenting solutions.”

In the letter, the celebrities also questioned whether arms deliveries were the right way to go. A further continuation of the war would mean thousands more war victims, it is said. The humanitarian emergency around the world – including famine in Africa – could also continue to worsen.

There is also the danger of a nuclear escalation. However, it also states: “Negotiations do not mean, as is sometimes assumed, dictating a surrender to Ukraine. There must be no peace dictated by Putin.”