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After almost fatal shots were fired at the customer of a “coke taxi”, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office has accused the alleged driver. She accuses the 36-year-old of attempted manslaughter in combination with dangerous bodily harm and violation of the weapons law, as a spokesman said on Thursday.

The German is said to have fired several shots at the victim’s upper body on November 28, 2021 at Mariendorfer Damm. The now 31-year-old was seriously injured and had to undergo emergency surgery, according to the police.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, one of the questions that the Berlin Regional Court now has to clarify is whether the dispute broke out because the man had ordered the so-called coke taxi, but then did not have the necessary money for the cocaine.

It was initially unclear when the process would begin. According to the spokesman for the authorities, the alleged perpetrator is in custody.

At the time, the 36-year-old assumed he had shot the man, it said. Immediately after the shots he fled to Turkey. However, the accused returned at the end of March, although he knew that an arrest warrant had been issued against him. He wanted to face the procedure, it said.

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Immediately after the crime, two men aged 23 and 24 were arrested. According to a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, the suspicion against them has not been substantiated.