(Edmonton) Alberta Premier Danielle Smith offers a new version of the reasons surrounding a phone conversation with Art Pawlowski in which the two discussed the court case, related to the COVID-19 pandemic, of the controversial street pastor.

Ms. Smith told her Saturday morning call-in radio show that she accepted Pawlowski’s phone call because she believed he was calling her as the leader of a political party, the Alberta independence.

She reported that when the discussion veered off to Pawlowski’s court case, she mentioned to him that she had tried to get him an amnesty, but Justice Department officials told her the case had to take its course. independently.

The conversation was reported to the NDP who released it to reporters on March 29, prompting Ms. Smith to announce a week ago that she would not discuss the matter publicly. She is considering a libel suit, and her attorney has advised her not to talk about it.

Ms. Smith had previously stressed that there was nothing wrong with the phone interview, as she had publicly promised to review COVID-19 cases on behalf of the accused. She said Thursday, however, that while no politician should discuss criminal matters with the defendant before trial, his call with Art Pawlowski was acceptable.

Legal experts say the call was a clear breach of the firewall between politicians and the justice system, noting Ms Smith was overheard sharing inside details of Crown strategy, promising to investigate on behalf of of Pawlowski and to report to him while telling him that the accusations against him were politically motivated.