(Washington) Four people were killed and several others injured in a shooting Saturday night in Dadeville, the Alabama Police Department said.

The shootings occurred around 10:30 p.m. (11:30 p.m. EST) at a building in downtown Dadeville. A teenager – whose gender was not specified – was celebrating his 16th birthday, according to local broadcaster WRBL.

Authorities have not said whether a suspect is in custody.

The motive also remains to be clarified, but the investigators believe that an altercation led to this tragedy, according to WRBL. The channel showed images of duct tape around the Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio and nearby buildings, as well as a heavy police presence.

“This morning I mourn with the people of Dadeville and my fellow Alabama people. Violent crime has no place in our state, and we remain closely briefed by law enforcement as details emerge,” Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said in a statement. posted on social media.

The same evening, other shootings left at least two dead and four injured in a park in Louisville, Kentucky, according to media reports. It was in this city that a young man opened fire on Monday in the bank that employed him, killing five people.

The United States pays a very heavy price for the spread of firearms in its territory and the ease with which Americans have access to them.

The country has more personal weapons than people: one in three adults owns at least one weapon and almost one in two adults lives in a household with a weapon.

The consequence of this proliferation is the very high rate of death by firearm in the United States, without comparison with that of other developed countries.