In the regular championship of the Continental hockey League played one match. “Vityaz” in Podolsk lost Kazan “AK Bars” with the score 2:4.

Already at 48 seconds Joonas Nattinen struck the gate “leopards”. The visitors bounced back before the break thanks to a goal by Kirill Petrov and in the second period Justin Azevedo in minority brought “AK bars” forward. Alexander Yevsyukov again restored the balance. But on the second break the team went with the score 3:2 in advantage “leopards”. Goal scored by Stanislav Galimov.

In the third period in goal “knight” visited another puck. Patrick Cormier has implemented a numerical advantage. In the end the victory of “AK Bars” with the score 4:2.

Kazan scored 78 points and the lead in the Eastern conference. The “Vityaz” 68 points and seventh position in the West.