The surprising entry of the Netherlands with the airline Air France-KLM angered France. “It may be played in any case domestic political debates at the table of the Board of Directors,” warned the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. Still clearer words found France’s economy Minister Bruno Le Maire: “the decision of The Dutch government is incomprehensible and unexpected.” The French government and the Board of Directors of the Alliance had not been informed in advance of the project.

On Tuesday evening, it was announced that the Dutch state had secured for 680 million euros a share from 12.68 percent at the airline, and now almost as many shares as France. The aim was to strengthen the influence on the company, the Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra. Ultimately, the government wants to come in The Hague on a share of around 14 percent, which is consistent with the involvement of the French state.

Air France and closed in 2004 with the Dutch KLM. Both airlines be merged in many areas.

According to the Minister of Finance Hoekstra, the Netherlands with the shares to send the purchase to send a clear Signal that they want to protect the interests of KLM, the Public, and also to Schiphol airport better. The Netherlands wanted to make a contribution for a healthy company, but also the Dutch interests in this common air carriers to demonstrate. “The Crux of the matter is that Schiphol is of enormous importance for the Dutch economy. We want to make sure that this remains for a long time,” said Hoekstra ANP, according to.

a Meeting in Paris

From the French Ministry of economy, said that the behavior of the low countries remember more of the techniques of stock traders as a to a state shareholder asked. It was not inform to the Board of Directors of Air France and the other shareholders “surprising” and “unfriendly” have been, in advance of this decision.

“The Board will continue to monitor the effects of this new participation in the group, their employees, their management structure and their market value exactly,” said Air France-KLM. The airline confirmed that the Dutch state had acquired the share of “without consultation”. Now, it should be ensured that this will not affect the new working dynamics of the group.

Air France-KLM-deserved this year, despite a turbulent summer, with boss change and strikes in Europe. The bottom line is a profit was in the amount of 409 million euros and thus significantly more than in the previous year, with 163 million. In the past year, Air France-KLM increased its sales compared to the prior-year period thanks to higher ticket prices and better loaded planes. The Canadians, Benjamin Smith took over in September, the post of CEO of Air France-KLM. He was followed by Frenchman Jean-Marc Janaillac, who resigned after a salary dispute with French unions.