After the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane wants to deliver the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing for the time being, no machines of the type 737 Max. “We set the delivery of the 737 Max, until we find a solution,” said a group spokesman. The production of the machine type would continue, “but we evaluate our capacity”.

A Boeing 737 Max 8 was on Sunday in Ethiopia crashed. All 157 people on Board died. The cause of the crash is still unclear, experts suspect, but a technical Problem with the machine. In October a machine of the same type in the company Lion Air had crashed in Indonesia, a few minutes after the Start. Satellite data show that there were Similarities in the flight path for the two misfortune machines.

After the accident, in Ethiopia, imposed in many countries a flight ban on the aircraft type. In the USA Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 must remain for Wednesday on the floor. The black box of the plane were brought on Thursday to the analysis to France. The French air safety authority BEA confirmed the receipt of the in the crash-damaged black boxes. The analysis of the data should begin, therefore, on Friday.

The Boeing 737 Max is only in may 2017. Worldwide, approximately 450 machines of the type are registered. Due to the low fuel consumption of the aircraft was not yet very popular.

For Boeing, the crash is a severe loss of image that could be for the group tax. 78 percent of the orders in the order books relating to the Max family; about 100 Airlines have already ordered more than 5,000 machines. The share price of the US aircraft manufacturer, fell in the days after the crash in Ethiopia already to twelve percent.