The EU Commission has rejected the claim by the Federal Minister for transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) after a Review of existing limit values for clean air. Scientific knowledge about nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter pointed to a negative impact on the health, wrote to the transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for the environment Karmenu Vella and the internal market Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska in a joint letter. Scheuer had claimed at the end of January, in a Letter to the EU Commission that the review is a reassessment of the limits.

the reason for the claim of the Minister of transport on the statements of some of the lung doctors who doubted the health Benefits of the limit values for nitrogen dioxide. The calculation turned out to be faulty.

Scheuer said he would continue to lead the debate about the limits on a European level. “Because when it comes to restrictions for Europeans in everyday life, should take the European Commission to the concerns of a member state seriously”, he urged.

The EU commissioners Karmenu Vella and Violeta Bulc, and Elżbieta Bieńkowska, as referred to in your letter on already since last year, the current so-called fitness check. This should clarify whether limits need to be revised. Vella had already made it clear that it is only a possible tightening. Now the three are writing again, it would be examined whether the limits were “sufficiently rigorous”. EU member States will be invited, “relevant insights” to bring in – they would welcome “the contribution of the Federal government as soon as possible”.

fine dust What is air pollution?

Dirty it is outside by pollutants from different sources: industry, road transport, agriculture, energy production and nature itself. The cleaner the air is, the less likely people suffering from seizures to strokes, heart disease, lung cancer or respiratory disorders such as Asthma. Also people have proven to be longer, if you can breathe fresh air. The medical journal The Lancet (Landrigan, 2017) estimates that air pollution is worldwide, approximately nine million premature deaths.