Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicts a government-controlled AI future with high-performance computers in military bases.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt expressed the view that “extremely powerful” AI systems could be tightly controlled by governments in the future. According to Business Insider, such systems could be located on military bases and powered by nuclear power.

Schmidt predicted: “Eventually there will be a small number of extremely powerful computers in both the United States and China that have the capability of autonomous inventions.” These would be too dangerous to reveal to the world and would be located in military bases, powered by a nuclear energy source and massively secured.

Since leaving the Google Group in spring 2020, the 69-year-old has worked intensively on AI and its impact on society. Among other things, he invested in emerging AI companies such as Amazon-backed Anthropic and published the book “The Age of AI” together with the late diplomat Henry Kissinger.

Despite the futuristic-seeming visions, Schmidt’s forecast could become reality; competing states are working intensively to take the leading position in the AI ​​race.

The US plans to tighten controls on the export of its technology to China, including AI chips from companies like Nvidia. China also wants to reduce its dependence on US-made chips and has urged its tech giants to buy local AI chips instead.