The novels are full of documentary facts about the civil war period of 1918-1921, when the Bolsheviks tried to take over Ukraine, which they succeeded only on the fourth attempt. Current political events occupy an important place in the work.

Our task is to arouse Europeans’ interest in Ukraine and make them understand the difference between Ukrainian and Russian history and culture. If Ukraine now has the attention of the progressive world community, Ukrainian history before 1654 should be remembered. It is important to focus on Ukrainians’ struggle for independence, because many still believe that Ukraine was always part of the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union.

We are also resuming the project “Merezhivo” – a tour of young Ukrainian writers through major Ukrainian cities with discussions on literature and social, political and military issues. The Ukrainian PEN keeps in touch with all of its 140 members. Among us there are some who defend the country, for example Artem Cheh. There are writers living in occupied cities: Mariupol, Kherson. We keep in touch with them and help them where we can.