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11.46 PM: Four million people in Germany suffer from an estimated to a rare disease. To their fate, the international “day of Rare diseases makes” on the 28. February attention. In Germany, there are numerous actions are planned, among others in Hanover, Leipzig and Ulm. A disease is considered rare if 10,000 people less than five suffer from it.

The Doctor Christine Mundlos of the Alliance for Chronic Rare diseases (Achse) considers such actions to be important to raise the awareness of colleagues. “There are up to 8000 rare diseases. The can and a physician must know all,” she said. The had to admit. “Instead, patients will often Express the psycho’s temple.” On average, it takes seven years for Sufferers of a rare suffering the correct diagnosis.

Largest bee in the world after 40 years in Indonesia

spotted 22.01 watch: All black and about as big as a human thumb: The Wallace’s giant bee has been spotted after decades, for the first time. Researchers announced on Thursday that they had discovered specimens of the largest able to deal with the world on a remote Indonesian island.

It had been “just amazing”, “to actually see how nice and big this kind is to hear the sound of their huge wings,” said bee photographer Clay Bolt in a communication of the environmental organization Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC).

Soon it was in the 19th century. Century by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and, according to GWC last updated in 1981 seen in the wild have been discovered. Bolt was now a hive of bees on an island in the Northern Moluccas. “My dream now is to make this bee a Symbol of environmental protection in this part of Indonesia,” said the photographer.

The bee, with the Latin name of mega Chile pluto is about four Times as large as a honey bee. Bee expert Eli Wyman of Princeton University hopes that the Fund initiates further research, “which gives us a better understanding of the life history of this very unique bee” and you are in danger of extinction protect.

On the red list of threatened species, the world conservation Union (IUCN), the giant bee as “at risk.”

11-Year-old help for years, homeless for 2019, he has a Large before officialprojectiam

Jahkil Jackson next to a man, the he has helped.

Thursday, 21. February, 07.57 PM: Jahkil Jackson is just 11 years old, but for years a benefactor. The Boy from Chicago began at the age of five, to distribute, together with his grandmother to eat and Drink to the homeless. The packages are called “Blessing Bags” to be about “blessing bags”. In it are water bottles, but also socks, or toothbrushes. And addresses of homeless shelters.

The U.S. video platform “NowThis” recently told the story of Jahkil, the German news page “” reported the boy. In his homeland he is known for some time. The former U.S. President, Barack Obama was on Jahkil attention. He invited the then eight-year 2017 in the White house.

For 2019 has been set Jahkil big goals. He wanted to distribute 15,000 of “Blessing Bags,” he said, “Now This”. Its packages are now also in Los Angeles, Washington, Atlanta, Virginia, and Idaho to the homeless. The website “Project I Am” he wants to win children and young people for his work and to motivate them to do Good.

hikers find missing seniors safely after six days of

20.14 clock: six Whole days, a 56 was gone-Year-old from a retirement home in Kenzingen im Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg). As if by a miracle he showed up now, again: A Walker found the 56-Year-old well-to-bar keep in the neighbouring town of Kaiserstuhl. The “Badische Zeitung” reported on Wednesday.

The police had searched with helicopters and with a public appeal to the man. He should go well, re-reported the “Badische Zeitung”. For safety’s sake, he had been brought to hospital for a scan.

Werder Bremen busy 21-Year-old with Down syndrome Luca Nelde

10.35 am: The 21-year-old Luca Nelde is the first salaried employee at Werder Bremen with a mental impairment. Luca is already working since a year for the Fan-Service GmbH of the football Bundesliga. He takes care of the same tasks as his colleagues in the camp. Luca admits in the Bremen overseas city goods from the cartons and brings the backup label. The official website “ is reported”.

Luca came to vocational orientation program for the Bundesliga. He completed an internship and was eventually hired. “For us, the readiness of the people to initial tightening and then see if it fits”, says Marcus Scholz, Neldes direct supervisor in the warehouse.

Extinct giant tortoise on the Galapagos island discovered

Wednesday, 08.03 PM: On the Galápagos Islands, has been discovered a living specimen of a thought extinct giant tortoise. The adult females of the subspecies Chelonoidis Phantasticus had been observed on the island of Fernandina, informed the Minister of the environment, Marcelo Mata on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter. The discovery was made during a by the Galápagos national Park and the US environmental organization Galapagos Conservancy organized the Expedition.

The giant Chelonoidis Phantasticus tortoise for more than a century to be extinct. It is only on the uninhabited island of Fernandina. Thought to be extinct, the once in the Galapagos Islands, home of giant apply Chelonoidis spp from the island of Santa Fé, and Chelonoidis abigdoni of the Pinta island tortoises.

The Galapagos Islands, isolated in the Pacific ocean archipelago, to accommodate the world’s largest number of endemic species – i.e. species that occur only there. A visit to the Islands and its unique animal world in the year 1835, inspired the British scientist Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since 1979, the island group is a Unesco world heritage site.

Federal government says food waste in the battle to

Tuesday, 19. February, 21.58 PM: The Federal government wants to win the consumer and the economy, to throw less food in Germany in the garbage. Food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) on Wednesday (9.30 PM) in the Cabinet a “National strategy for the reduction of food waste”.

for more information on the minimum durability date on many packages, which some people understand as a disposable date are Intended, among other things. In a number of “dialogue forums” to discuss a stronger avoidance of food waste, such as in the out-of-home catering.

The government wants to halve food waste by 2030. This should also contribute to climate protection. So far, to be thrown away, according to studies every year eleven million tons of food – by households, in the food industry, in trade and in the case of large customers, such as gastronomy. On the consumer 55 kilograms in the year therefore per capita.

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