Best-of-BVV: What ideas, topics and plans are there in the Berlin-Spandau town hall? On Wednesday, 5 p.m., the first classic BVV meeting will take place in the town hall in… a long, long time. Because of Corona, many meetings had been moved to the citadel, some only took place digitally, most recently there was the citizen format “Generationen-BVV”. Digital participation is now switched off again. Too bad.

Here are my top 5, selected by the current Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel – and here is the entire agenda with 150 items to browse through.

1.) The AfD tries it for the 9th time and proposes Andreas Otti (“I don’t read the Tagesspiegel that often”) as city councilor. The Kladower had failed in all elections so far. The AfD is entitled to a place in the district office – the sixth city council post has not been taken. However, the BVV can reject proposals if it considers the candidates unsuitable – and that is what Otti thinks: he was already the responsible real estate city councilor from 2016 to 2021. Since this meeting takes place in person, the ballot can take place directly in the BVV meeting. City councilor Gregor Kempert, SPD, has been doing his work in the district office for the past six months (five city councilors have done the work in previous years). Most recently, 44 district politicians voted against Otti, 6 for it. The AfD parliamentary group in Spandau town hall has 6 members. BVV politicians have free voting rights.

2.) The Left wants free peeing for women. The parliamentary group around Lars Leschewitz takes up a city-wide debate and calls for free use of all public city toilets in Spandau as well: “Similar to the urinal for men, women should also be able to use the closed cubicles without a usage fee of 50 cents.”

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3.) The bike path and sidewalk in the village center of Gatow is a joke. The “Havelradweg” leads through the middle of the 4000-people village, but is small, bumpy and often blocked with parked cars. When the path between Villa Lemm and the village church was finally to be built in 2018 (800 meters; costs: 1.1 million euros, including sidewalk and parking spaces), the neighborhood went on the barricades. They should have taken a mile-long detour for six months. So what to do to get out of the political standstill mess? It can’t stay like this. The SPD faction around Hannah Erez-Hübner and Uwe Ziesak now proposes a change of route and brings up a parallel street: the Buchwaldzeile at the windmill. The Spandau newsletter reported on this here.

[More ideas for the Havel cycle path: where to go with the bikes and travel bags in the old town? The idea of ​​city councilor Thorsten Schatz, CDU, here online in the Tagesspiegel or here in the current Spandau newsletter]

4.) Merry Christmas! The CDU faction around Arndt Meißner now got icy mail. Last year there was no Christmas tree in the town hall, whereupon Mayor Carola Brückner, SPD, got a big red bobble hat. First the AfD got upset, then the CDU demanded a concept so that the trouble would not be repeated in 2022 – both times it was a topic in the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel. The reply letter and the plans for Christmas 2022 are now available: you can read them here in the Spandau newsletter.

5.) Also on the town hall agenda: the expansion of the “Cycle Path of Sympathy” from Spandau to Falkensee. It is a particularly tough project and gets off the ground as quickly as a pedal boat ride at 40 degrees in midsummer. In 2019 there was talk of 538,000 euros that should be invested in the expansion between the state border and Hamburger Straße by 2020 – but nothing happened. The Greens around Dara Kossok-Spieß and Christopher Sonnenberg want to know in the next BVV from City Councilor Thorsten Schatz, CDU, whether anything else is happening there. You can read in the current Spandau newsletter where the cycle path got its name from and how the Senate cycle path from Spandau to Falkensee is doing. Because only the city council reports on the project, but also the Senate Department for Transport.

[The new student residence in the old town of Spandau will also be a topic in the BVV: Here you can read the plans online in the Tagesspiegel or here in the current Spandau newsletter]

I send you the Spandau newsletter once a week, bundled and with lots of specific news from Kladow to Hakenfelde, from Staaken to Siemensstadt. Here I name the topics that you will find in the current Spandau newsletter.

– Altstadt: New café planned by the river – this is a rarity in Spandau

– Large student residence is being built in the old town directly on the Havel

– “Need a small statue of liberty”: ideas from ex-mayor Helmut Kleebank for the new bank design

– 14 million construction site: Start of construction for the “Spandauer Horn” on the Spree corner Havel. The date and how to build

– Havelradweg: New luggage compartments at the old town bridge?

– “The Federal President has bees from Spandau in his garden”: Interview with head of the Spandau beekeepers’ association about honey, criticism of Spandau town hall and tips for families and their garden

– Lots of ideas and plans for the water town: Fresh greenery, street art walls, new social center with the church – but the WBM fails with their gastro plans on the Havelufer. Plus: SUP races and dance evenings start on the banks of the Havel

– 100 years village church in the garden city of Staaken: the 1st photo and the anniversary celebration

– Best-of-BVV: AfD candidate takes the 9th attempt to elect the city council

– Linke wants free toilets for women in Spandau

– Garbage annoyance and anger at motorists on Lake Glienicke who tear obstacles out of the ground – Politics meets the police and fire brigade

– Dischinger Bridge between Arcaden and Ikea: Attention, traffic jam in July!

– Heerstraße Nord: Video surveillance is getting serious

– Maximilian, the yellow currywurst booth from Spandau

– Dates without end: open-air cinema, outdoor pool, culture in the arcades, concerts – and shady excursion destinations

– Local sport: Spandau is the epi center in canoe polo and the new vice president of Hertha BSC is Spandauer

– Berlin-Spanpfau: Readers again show photos of their favorite peacock

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