This is a far cry from when health care workers were heroes. Georgian health care workers claim that there is a flood of aggression directed towards them with every COVID wave.

Piedmont Henry Hospital CEO Lily Henson said that she is concerned about the safety of her employees.

Henson said that he read daily reports about staff being verbally or physically abused. “We have made sure that there are public safety officers in every hospital.”

According to the Georgia Department of Health, only 47% of Henry County residents have been fully vaccinated. This is significantly lower than the 64% nationwide.

Steven Wasson, a respiratory therapist, stated to CBS News that there is a common perception that COVID is a hoax and that the media is exaggerating it.

Dr. Gregory Evans stated that health care workers often have “emotionally charged” conversations with their families. Evans said that verbal attacks against them include “accusations about why we aren’t giving certain medication that they may have searched on the internet.” Evans spoke to CBS News.

The attacks were fueled by misinformation spread on social media regarding COVID treatments.

Henson stated that “Day in, day out they request these therapies that haven’t even been shown to be effective.” Henson cited ivermectin as an example.

Henson said that hospitals filled with patients who don’t believe science are a threat to morale.

“We get this threat saying, you know, if my loved one dies it’s your fault. She said that it was really heartbreaking.

When asked what she would tell those who spread misinformation, Henson responded, “They have on the conscience, the lives these patients.”