About 10,000 Ukrainian army soldiers have been killed since the Russian invasion in February, according to an aide to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The figure fell on Friday in one of regular YouTube video interviews by Presidential Confidence Oleksiy Arestovych with Russian opposition leader Mark Feygin.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said this week that up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are currently being killed every day. Arestovych also said that around 100 military personnel were dying a day on the Ukrainian side, even at the beginning of the war. When Feygin asked if one could assume that around 10,000 soldiers were killed in total, he replied: “Yes, roughly”.

Neither Ukraine nor Russia have so far provided exhaustive information on the casualties in the war that began on February 24. According to Arestovych, more Russian than Ukrainian soldiers are constantly being killed. On Friday, the Ukrainian artillery attacks with Western ammunition were particularly efficient, he said, citing the estimate of around 600 Russian soldiers killed.

In view of this, the Zelenskyj adviser appealed to the West to deliver arms and ammunition much more quickly. The Ukrainian government is very grateful for the help so far, without which it would probably have been pushed back behind the Dnieper River. But he doesn’t understand the slowness of the deliveries.