The outgoing Airbus chief Tom Enders regrets for the Airbus A380. The decision was painful, you’ve put a lot of effort, money, and sweat in the world’s largest passenger jet, said Enders. “But in business we must make our decision on the Basis of feelings or Desires, but based on facts.” They wanted to in the future to support the fleet – in this respect, it is also not the end of the program. The reason for the phasing out of production of the lack of Orders. Previously the biggest customer of the A380, the Arab Emirates airline had reduced its order for 39 aircraft.

“It is a pity to see the beautiful flyer. But the decision of the Board is not understandable, since the A380 is sold,” said the district head of IG Metall, coastal, Meinhard Geiken. The ramp-up in other programs Airbus have to continue to do well.

rules Now, it is the exchange for the A380 From affected employees. Redundancies are ruled out by the future collective bargaining agreement until the end of next year. “This scheme, we intend to expand and employment in the long term,” said the trade unionist.

Airbus for the A380, The Arab airline Emirates has reduced its order of the passenger aircraft, the A380. Thus, there is no production basis is, according to Airbus. © Photo: REUTERS/Christian Charisius “the worst thing is the staff have already said”

An Airbus spokesperson, new orders for smaller aircraft would provide a variety of internal mobility opportunities. The worst thing is the staff would have been behind. The expected impact would be expected to be lower than that already achieved, adjustments in the A380 program, during the last years.

“We analyze the Situation of each country, in order to develop local solutions, and this together with our employee representatives in the coming months to implement,” said the spokesperson. In Germany, the sites in Hamburg, Bremen, Stade and Buxtehude are involved in the production of the A380. To some suppliers but still.

Many employees could now go into production for the smaller, but in the case of the airlines popular A320. In addition, the order from Emirates for 40 A330neo and 30 A350 will offer new opportunities for Change.