Traveling with A woman from the united Kingdom, offers her a car as a holiday home on Airbnb. For less than 9 euros a night, you can stay the night. The location is within a stone’s throw from the sea shore, and in less than an hour’s drive from central London.

if you’re staying at the Desiré Cyprien, according to the ad, for a nice and affordable kampeerverblijf. The location is a restaurant in Sheerness-on-sea, close to the beach. “The car is in a fenced-in backyard, in Beach Street, which will also have other guests able to stay”, says the advert. Sleeping, for instance in a caravan or in a tent. At the request of the hirer, the car to the front of the house to be moved. Guests are given a key to gain access to the back yard and the outdoor facilities such as a toilet, a sink, a table and chairs to use as well.” If desired, it is also a bathroom available.