(Paris) “Two Eiffel Towers for the price of one”: a replica of the famous Parisian building, ten times smaller than its model, was installed Saturday morning on the Champ-de-Mars, without however being unanimous with the public and residents.

“Seven years ago I had the idea, one night like this, to build the Eiffel Tower in 1/10 scale. […] The goal is to make a moment of lightness, carelessness. In the current situation, I believe that we need it a lot and there is no other goal than to create happiness and to create a bond, “explained to AFP the creator of Eiffel, Philippe Maindron.

The replica is 33 meters high and weighs 32 tons.

Assembled in Vendée, about 400 km southeast of Paris, his arrival on Saturday near his model was the subject of a tweet from the City of Paris, with the message: “Don’t worry, you see well clear “. The tweet is accompanied by a photo of the two towers on April 1, a day that traditionally gives rise to jokes.

She must stay there until April 10, according to the newspaper Le Parisien.

On site, Dominique Dimitroff, a retired Parisian, finds the installation “very, very nice”, with “two Eiffel towers for the price of one”, while Frédéric Lepetit, a 35-year-old tourist, points out that it is ” the exact copy of its big sister”.

Dissonant voices were also heard on social networks.

The collective “Les amis du Champ-de-Mars” criticized this initiative, saying on Twitter that “most city dwellers simply want to walk in (beautiful) gardens”.

The Eiffel Tower, completed just 134 years ago, was also the subject of a real hoax on the same social network on Saturday: its official account announces that “the highest slide in the world will be installed on my summit at from July 1! “, video-editing in support. But this time, as a sign with fish in the short film suggests, the joke is obvious.