New jersey For a fight in the Fabriekstraat in Baasrode is a guy a couple of times in the arm, stabbed, and wounded were transported to the hospital. The 40-year-old victim, of Latvian origin, was accompanied by a friend, the dog, the offender will have to have to know. As a result of a discussion that ultimately ended in a stabbing.

The owner of the dog at that time, was on a visit to his ex-girlfriend, at the time that the two men,believed to be under the influence of alcohol, passed by the house, and the animal is pointed out. She started to pet the dogs and it is difficult to fall off. “Because of the barking of the dogs came up to the owner to return it to the outside, and he was talking to the two people. Finally, there was a discussion, that’s actually gotten worse happened than she was,” said the ex-girlfriend.