The Champions League Is A Sin. The opportunities are there, the goals were missing. The Club does is to reward a mature game. The advantage of Galatasaray in the battle for third and fourth place.

I had to make it a success openingparty at the kampioenenbal out of it. Perfect weather, perfect turf, hungry and Exciting players, and rowdy fans. And it also creates opportunities. Only the finishing was lacking. Dennis was on the ball Is almost impossible as, Ricca had the brute bad luck (cover strip). After the break, the Club is simply the best. But then again, it was not going to work. Dennis, once again, he found the Moments to be left and the goalkeeper also had a great reflex in the house in favour of there by Okereke. Clement gripped by the hands to dry her face. The fall in Openda, but from an oblique angle, to no avail. It had been little lucidity was gone. Also, the VAR didn’t work with it: get a ball from the hands of Marcao, whether or not r-rated, it remained unpenalized.