A hell of a lot: stare at the volume of debris and the area of the fire dump in Hiloksky market (in two pictures)

Novosibirsk continue to extinguish the fire at the garbage landfill in the area of the Hiloksky market. The fire area, according to the mayor Anatoly Elbow was reduced to 600 square meters. We compared how many squares now occupies the site “left Bank” and how to change the scale of the disaster in recent days.

how it all began

the fire at the landfill noticed the night of 5 August. Open fire extinguished at the same time, but several hours later, the flames flared up with new force. The smoke from the smoldering debris tightened the track and reached the Soviet district of Novosibirsk, and the level of air pollution increased dramatically. Novosibirsk photographer captured this smokescreen that covered the left Bank, from the height of the frames impressed many.