Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job log” to tell people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“When people think of cleaning of buildings, you immediately have a clear picture in your head: An older woman, wiping with a wiper and spray bottle to the ground. For this you will be paid. This picture annoys me a lot, because it not absolutely corresponds to reality.

The cliché says, Brushing a woman’s thing to go. I can’t confirm. At us in the company of many men working in the window cleaning. Here, it comes down to accuracy and reliability. You just have to have an eye for cleanliness. In addition, the profession is physically demanding, you have to be fit. All of this is much more important than the sex.


You have to be in the Job very carefully: too easy To spin to be overlooked, weaving and other dirt. Also a good knowledge of chemicals is necessary. A wrong cleaning agent can destroy, for example, the surfaces irreparably. This should of course be avoided.

What many don’t know: The profession of building cleaner is a three-year training profession, with teaching in the vocational school and final exams. Also of merit is not for educated people as bad as many think. I gained, on average, after training for about 14 Euro gross per hour. As a master even more. So it is quite possible to feed with my job, a family.

Since 13 years I work as a building cleaner in a medium-sized city. After graduating from school, I didn’t know at first, so right for what I should decide. Through a friend I came up with the idea to make a training to become a building cleaner. Through my high school diploma and good grades in the vocational school, I was able to reduce the training from three to two years.


in the Meantime, I’m building cleaner-master: My advice should be taken seriously. Safety and material compatibility are very large topics.

I love my Job. Especially like the variety for me. On some days, I’m at four different customers and a clean, private households, then I’m busy for three weeks in a big Hotel and finish there after the conversion work the basic cleaning. In the meantime, I’ll take as a master of many organizational tasks. I take orders and plan accordingly, my staff for the job. Also, I like that.

I am glad if I can help people. If I can clean the floor of an old apartment, so that it looks like 80 years ago, it makes me proud. Especially nice it is when people give me recognition. The other day I cleaned the Windows of an office building. I stood on a platform about 20 meters in height. A school class came over. At least 25 children were delighted and waved to me. A great feeling.

Even when clients book me directly and not from another colleague, supervised want to be, because they were with my work so happy, I am happy. Some give me a coffee and we can talk. For the future I wish me more recognition for my work. We are building cleaner can do more than just clean up all the mess. We clean, maintain and conserve in buildings. Our goal is to make it for the people who live there, beautiful.”