Glocks, or pistols, are one of the most common firearms in the world. They are a standard weapon for law enforcement worldwide and are a preferred choice for home security and other such purposes. Due to their popularity, you will find different types and models of firearms. Additionally, the gun can be built using a lowers receiver according to your taste and style. Get lowers for your custom build today and create your first Glock pistol. Following is a comprehensive guide on all Glock types.


The first thing to look at is the caliber; there are different calibers available for the weapon. The standard caliber is 9mm; however, you can find .45mm and .357mm. Depending on your usage, the caliber of the gun will be decided. Recently, .22mm has been introduced in Glocks, and other calibers are being continuously tested for compatibility. Most law enforcement agencies carry 9mm caliber Glocks; however, .45mm is the ideal choice for casual owners.


Despite their small size, the Glocks are highly customizable weapons. Additionally, different parts can be connected from other models to build a highly customized weapon. However, your usability will define this feature. You can buy after-market customization options for the Glock from a recognized dealer or choose to build your own. The parts are mostly cheap and fit like a glove with most models.

Local Laws

Despite relaxed gun laws, a couple of states make it difficult to own a Glock. For example, California requires microstamping of the gun to make it easily traceable; similarly, strict background checks also make it challenging for underage enthusiasts to own the firearm. All states have different gun laws; therefore, consulting them before buying a Glock is the best way to enjoy the activity.

Testing a Glock

The statement is entirely true when someone says the Glock is an extension of their personality. However, the interpretation of this statement can vary. For law enforcement personnel, maintaining their Glock is essential when performing in high-pressure situations; jamming or ineffective firing can cause severe damage. The statement has a different meaning for civilians, as they can own it for safety or outdoor activities. Therefore, testing a couple of Glock models is recommended before settling on one.


Certain Glock types are restricted to law enforcement agencies when you go to a gun store. You can own them, but it would require additional paperwork. However, you don’t need to worry about the performance side as most have similar attributes.

Lowers Receivers

Building one from a lower receiver is the best choice if you don’t want to own a pre-made gun. The part is available on all recognized dealer platforms and is a fun way to learn about Glocks while building a personalized one.

Glocks are easy to use and maintain, but proper gun laws should be observed to be a responsible owner. Read the above information thoroughly if you want to buy your first Glock pistol and avoid any mistakes.