9th infantry division: how to fight the Cossack forces in the Great Patriotic

History 19/01/20 9th infantry division: how to fight the Cossack forces in the Great Patriotic

Fearless scouts participated in many wars, demonstrating the unique fighting qualities in the Caucasus and in the defense of Sevastopol, in the Russian-Turkish, Russian-Japanese and First world. Passed legendary “Stalinist thugs” and all the Great Patriotic, victorious returning to his native village in September 1945.

the invisible People

the basis of the unique technique of fighting scouts was cunning, subtle approach to the enemy a sudden and intrepid attack. As he writes in “Textbook of survival sniper” S. Fedoseev, scouts distinguished by a special ability to “disappear” from sight and, like the werewolf from fairy tales, “wonder marvelously to change growth”: “lost” in the woods, the fields become “flush with the grass” and get close to the enemy so that he hasn’t had time to blink. Not by chance one of the commandments of the scouts read: “Become a Ghost in the land of the enemy. The phantom inspires horror.”

In historical records the demonstration of this tactic is preserved in the deeds of elders and arrow bellies hundred Ninth division Fedor Grebenyuk. In the course of combat operations in the area of Polish Samhain and Klein Ellguth in March 1945, he volunteered to destroy the entrenched in the house of the gunners, who were not allowed to move small unit. Like the wily Fox sneaks into the chicken coop, Fedor Grebenyuk came to the house, the Windows of which, incessantly, scribbling machine guns and threw grenades at the Nazis. The same officers repeated a month later, but in the Czech Republic. In the battle near Troppau he secretly made his way to the firing point and grenades destroyed the machine gunners.

a Cossack wit

Scouts was not only cunning and wit. Just one example – the battle under the Polish Debica in late August 1944. According to the memoirs of Sergeant M. Yakhina, the battalion scouts had to keep “the armoured squadron”. Two “tigers”, three dozen light tanks and a dozen armored personnel carriers, the Nazis tried to cut off the Soviet battalions from each other, but the scouts had not only survived, but under constant fire have moved forward slightly. When by night the fierce battle verse, the scouts used a clever maneuver. Crawled to the standing sheaves in the field, and, moving them so that visually preserved the distance between the haystacks, approached the enemy fortifications. Well, and then remained fearlessly rush to the attack and take the line.

search and destroy

Select infantry battalions of scouts was formed from hereditary hunters, from childhood trained their bellies business. They skillfully imitated the call of birds or the cry of a Jackal, warning her about danger. Was distinguished for patience and coolness. In ambush could sit for hours in the reeds or thorny bushes, silently standing in ice water or lay without movement, buried in the snow. The ability to move silently and pass unnoticed, to remember the forest path and to navigate the terrain, to cross any obstacle, and many days to hunt down “prey” – all this was a kind scout and turned it into a highly effective scout. What was a red army soldier Mikhail Kapitonov scout bellies Ninth infantry division, highly decorated for exceptional bravery and courage in the destruction of the enemy.

In April 1944 North-West of the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi private Kapitonov during the attacks discovered, went to the rear and destroyed 8 of the Nazis. After 5 days, found a platoon of Nazis, had to report to the commander in the battle personally killed four enemies. In early December, near the Czechoslovak Dargova successfully identified the firing points of the enemy – secretly crept to the proposed site, opened fire and forced the enemy in a firefight to discover. In this battle he was wounded, but the battlefield is not left. In April 1945 the average Kapitonov had stood watch near the Czechoslovak Skripova, and when the Nazis popytalisü to penetrate to the rear, promptly opened their maneuver and opened fire, personally killed 6 of the Nazis and together with his fellow scouts captured 2 enemy machine gun and 8 machine guns. Will remain in the memory and the exploits of the scout-leaders Paul Kichi – senior Sergeant of the Ninth division bellies. He has produced valuable information, delivering the command of important German documents or language.

you’re Lying! Do not take!

In the article “Cossacks-scouts or the first Russian special forces,” published in the anthology “the Cossacks” was also mentioned another quality scouts – they never surrendered. It was thought better to die than to lose freedom. Scouts-the scouts have always mapped out the path of retreat, and the collision with the enemy or firing back to the end, or moved away, merging with the terrain. However, the enemy at the meeting with the “Stalinist thugs” usually refused to prosecute, knowing that the scouts can “lure” in an ambush, to get to an impenetrable forest or swamp, from which it is impossible to get out.

To confuse the enemy scouts have used the tactic of “Sacmi”, part of which was covering my own tracks. Experienced person jumped on one leg, was “a toe in advance” (or”Sadkova”), galloping, like an old experienced hare seeking to escape from dogs and hunters. These techniques allowed to confuse the enemy, who not only did not understand, in what direction to leave the scouts, but also their number.

Bare hands

In the article “to Be leaders to be able to fight particularly” L. thorn you can read that a person is not only the famous warrior among the black sea and later the Kuban troops, but also the special technique of unarmed combat. Watch a warriors from an early age was devoted to ritual dance, flowing in a fist fight “himself to himself” that didn’t have strict rules. It is believed that the training of scouts formed the basis of the hopak, consisting of high jumps and “Polzunov” performed on his haunches. Jumping scouts knocked the enemy out of the saddle, and “polzuny” helpedand to fight with the enemy, even sitting on his haunches. So, the above mentioned Fedor Grebenyuk in the attack on Kolpino Czech in may 1945 only in hand to hand combat killed three German soldiers.

do not throw Their

Scouts throughout history have fulfilled a wider range of duties than any other unit. They were trackers and scouts, elite snipers and saboteurs, sappers and gunners. Well owned as firearms, and melee weapons. Was special organized, keeping the traditions and esteemed history. Among the scouts was a particularly strong sense of camaraderie, besides hundreds of was formed from the inhabitants of one village, people of Mature age, who had to prove the perfect human and military qualities. If one person saved the life of another, they exchanged pectoral cross and became brothers. The wounded scouts never gave up, and the dead were always buried or taken with you. One example – one more feat Fyodor Grebenyuk in January 1945 in the vicinity of the Polish village Petrovka. Despite the injury January 14, the next day the foreman had carried off the battlefield under enemy fire, the wounded officer, throwing grenades at the Germans.

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