winning The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is slumped in the first quarter of 2019 to 21 percent. The company refrained from announcing its annual figures on a forecast for the year as a whole. It will give a new Outlook as soon as the problems of the 737-Max series were better worked, the company said. Boeing is under pressure, because machines of the type 737 Max after two crashes worldwide, fly.

sales of the world’s largest aircraft could increase farmer expectations to 22.9 billion dollars. Analysts had expected a billion less. Like Boeing said, progress on the way to a final certification of the software made updates to the 737 Max. The decline in the delivered 737 Max in the first quarter will be partially offset by better business in the military – and service area.

In the case of the machines of the type 737 Max doubt on the so-called MCAS were automatic come up to prevent a stall. The Software should get an Update.

In the premarket US business slipped to the Boeing shares after the announcement of the quarterly results into the red. They lost 1.1 percent, after previously located about one percent in the Plus.