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China’s rise triggers in Brussels across all EU institutions a major concern In the European Parliament, the Commission, even in the case of the member States in the European Council has got around that the leadership in Beijing, pursuing their interests with all the Power and great efficiency. Until this realization continued through however, it took a little. After the election, Donald trump is the President of the United States in the fall of 2016, some believed in Brussels that you could make the “failure of the United States,” through cooperation with China, betting. This idea ran under the strange name of Chinopa. There is, however, common interests, it was said, in particular, in trade and climate policy.

While the Europeans were dreaming of, fact, China the what world powers do: It was to be a global strategy, without a care for rules. Theft of intellectual property, hidden state subsidies of the companies, piracy, industrial espionage – China’s way to the top is paved with illegal practices. Woke up in Europe, as Chinese companies started to buy targeted critical infrastructures in Europe: ports, electricity networks, high technology. Already China is no longer an exporter of cheap toy but a high tech country. A competitor of the first rank.

Now the next stage of China’s commitment to the European market. The technology company Huawei wants to expand the 5G network in Europe. The mobile generation 5G can transfer huge amounts of data in real-time. Through 5G, a new degree of crosslinking will be achieved. Not just between people but especially between things. Self-driving cars can communicate about 5G in with your surroundings, including traffic lights and Parking. Doctors are able to operate remotely by controlling networks and robots. Cities are linked in this way, as well as factories.

How much proof do you need?

5G starts the era of the Internet of things. According to an estimate by the London-based information provider IHS, there will be in the year 2030, thirty billion networked things. 30 billion things to collect and process data. Not to say it in a picture: Who will build the 5G network, the only builds oil pipelines of the 21st century. Century, the expanding water and gas pipelines, the road and rail network.

that’s Why many in the EU, in the meantime, the question of whether you can Huawei be trusted. Even if each interlocutor in Brussels, puts a wrinkle in the theme of his forehead in worry, but – roughly speaking – two groups. Some say that Huawei much am accused of, but you have to be able to demonstrate the company so far, nothing. As long as you could not, should not exclude it from the European market. The others say that Huawei is closely associated with the Communist party of China, more of proof should not be. After all, the Chinese government has Recently adopted an anti-terrorism law, according to which every company can be forced in China to provide the government access to the data. And China’s Communists have been known to have an insatiable data hunger.

to look at Both factions would claim to be realists – that is, the things the way are. The group, however, only the company, the other is the whole political context. Then there is, as a literary frosting for the debate, a group of Culturalists, the claims of the West stand, it is easy to fall after 500 years of global domination. The resistance against Huawei, the Argument goes, derives from this dark source. The Europeans mobilized against the company because it is Chinese.

the reasoning of The Culturalists fits exactly to the Propaganda of the Communist party of China. The claims, mutatis mutandis, at every opportunity: “you put us obstacles in the way, because we are Chinese!” The resistance was so racially-motivated.