The wireless industry says a long time from the benefits of the new, ultra-fast wireless transmission standards 5G, for example, for Autonomous Driving, or for networked factories in which machines communicate with each other. Now, the Federal government allocates the frequencies for the new network in Germany. What will it bring to whom? Where are the problems? We clarify the most important questions.

All questions Overview: What is the auction? What will 5G bring to the users? What customers have private? What exactly is auctioned? How does the auction? How much the state wants to take?
What are the conditions that the tenderer?
Why defend the provider against quick Internet in the country? Why is being considered, the Chinese provider Huawei of 5G Development? How dangerous is 5G? View more What is the auction?

one Of the ten to be auctioned, the Federal network Agency today, first the operating frequencies for 5G – the fifth generation of mobile communications, hence the abbreviation. Other countries, such as Austria, Switzerland and Italy, are already. You have assigned the frequencies already. The advantages of the new standard: 5G can transport the data around a hundred Times faster than the current Standard LTE, also called 4G. In addition, can be operated in a 5G radio cell a lot more devices than under the older Standards. With 5G devices can be up to a Meter located. And the so-called latency times are close to zero, that is, the data transfer happens almost in real time.

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What is 5G users?

The new Standard is mainly for the industry of enormous importance. 5G can’t quite serve different requirements because it is a network for all, but many virtual networks, all of which should be very carefully tailored to particular situations. So 5G can connect, for example, in a production hall, many machines, while in another Situation high bandwidth for the playback of high resolution Videos and on the streets, a particularly fast and reliable network with very low latency time to control the traffic. Every customer should be able to choose which profile you need, and then tailor a network – at least in theory.

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What is a private customer?

recently, some manufacturers have announced new Smartphones that will support the 5G Standard. However, at the Moment the devices are not yet on the market, and also the cellular providers are not offering the rates for the new Standard. But if it is even to the extent, then, 5G of private users, is likely to bring the inside and the users of advantage wherever many people come together. For example, could be the new Standard on an Open-Air concert or at a football game in the stadium, all visitors online. For many of the other requirements of the conventional LTE Standard is expected to be sufficient however completely, for example when Streaming Videos. The Provider of my at least. You build the 4G networks continue to be strong.

Overall, will be awarded in a first step 41 frequency blocks in the relatively high areas of two GHz and 3.4 to 3.7 GHz. These frequencies have no great Empire. Although you can bridge a distance of up to five kilometres, but only then, if no obstacle stands in the way: not a tree, not a house. The frequencies from the auction are, therefore, less to rural areas to cover a large area. Later, however, more frequencies are available.

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How does the auction?

Four bidders admitted to the auction: Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica Germany, and the United Internet subsidiary 1&1 drill. From ten o’clock will be their representatives in separate rooms in the Mainz service building of the Federal network Agency. Then you have one hour to submit bids for each frequency block. This is done via an internal network. Meanwhile, you can be on secure lines, with their corporate offices to discuss – and only on these lines, because to gain during the auction an unfair advantage, the bidder does not freely communicate with the outside world Employees of the radio monitoring will refer to the front of the building to prevent the. And also, the Federal office for security in information technology is to detect illegitimate attempts of Contact to the outside world.

After the round, the Federal network Agency, who was the highest bidder for the respective blocks to be released. Then another round is possible, in the company’s new offerings. Theoretically you can secure a mobile phone provider so an unlimited number of frequency blocks. Only, if on no single one of the 41 frequency blocks will be offered, the auction to end. Probably will extend the process over several days, possibly even weeks. Four years ago, the auction of the 4G took a round-frequencies 16 days, respectively, 181 of the Tenderer, in 2010, there were 224 rounds.

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How much wants to take the state?

The minimum bids for each of the frequency packets are between 1.7 and five million euros. Adds a minimum amount of about EUR 104 million. It is expected, however, that the Federal government will take through the auction of three to five billion euros. With the money the Federal government wants to push ahead with the Expansion of the digital infrastructure.

The expected revenues are a far cry from the almost 100 billion D-Mark (about 50 billion Euro), which were used in the first mobile radio auction of the UMTS frequencies in 2000. At the time, was a gold rush in the telecommunications industry. At the last auction in the year 2015, as the 4G-were auctioned off frequencies, the redeemed of the Federal government of just under 5.1 billion euros.

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What are the conditions that the tenderer?

is one of the requirements of the Federal network Agency, among other things, that the company’s bis must supply at the end of 2022, in each state of at least 98 percent of the households with data networks, which provide a transmission speed of at least 100 megabits per second. Also, all of the highways, the main highways and the main rail routes are to be so equipped. But 100 megabits per second are already with the today’s popular 4G Standard is feasible.

Recently requested the countries of Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Rhineland-Palatinate the Development of 5G to the last corner. However, in order to supply rural areas, have the space now up for auction is the 5G frequencies in General, to short ranges. You would have to build many tens of thousands of radio cells. But every single 5G-Mast is estimated to cost more than 100,000 euros, so add the cost of a one-hundred-percent supply quickly is in the billions. So far, about 70,000 towers, which were built up over many years in Germany. With 2015 already auctioned LTE frequencies, it is easier to supply large areas.

A support for the auction States that each provider must build by 2022, a minimum of one thousand 5G base stations. This is comparatively little and is – in the event that the company does not exceed the requirements 2022 to a nationwide coverage with 5G of well under ten percent. The structure of the new network will take many years.

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the providers fight back Why against fast Internet in the country?

criticize The network operator that the obligations of the Federal government, to high investment costs it. After the Federal network Agency had laid down at the end of November 2018, the rules for the auction were submitted by nine companies in actions before the administrative court in Cologne. Four of them wanted to achieve with Eilanträgen that the rules are changed and then the auction takes place. Yet they failed. The court dismissed her concerns and denied the motions.

In the main proceedings, brought, among other things, from the network operators Telefónica, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom, nothing is decided yet. Nevertheless, the three companies have now decided to participate in the auction, especially since their actions after the first decision of the court are likely to have Eilanträgen probably little chance of success.

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Why is being considered, the Chinese provider Huawei of 5G Development?

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer and technology company Huawei is taking part, not even as a bidder in the auction, but could be involved as a supplier for technical equipment indirect. The company manufactures transmission towers and is considered as a low-cost provider. Huawei but is held by the 5G-Expand the technical requirements of espionage by the Chinese state in Germany.

German interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said on Monday, Huawei due to security concerns from the expansion of the grid to exclude. The Federal government also pointed out that measures for more security had been taken. The Federal intelligence service have warned the government against a participation of the group, reports the mirror. The concerns were also with the Chinese secret service, the law allows the intelligence services to be able to all “concerned organs, organizations and citizens with the necessary support, assistance and cooperation” request.

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How dangerous is 5G?

The 5G frequencies, which are now to be auctioned, are located in areas “which we know from the current mobile and are already well understood,” says BfS spokeswoman Nicole Messmer. In perspective, however, higher frequencies in the range to 26 GHz used, “and which are explored at the present time, little”.

A group of experts of the world health organization, WHO, came to believe that cell phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic”. The President of the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS), Inge Paulini, calls in the course of the 5G frequency auction further research on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. Significantly higher data transmission volumes, new and additional transmission facilities and higher frequencies changes in the radiation intensities, said Paulini, the Passauer Neue Presse.

The Bund for environment and nature conservation (BUND) warns, in view of the increasing number of mobile sites: “It is expected that 5G will lead to a massive increase in forced exposure to radio frequency radiation.” Also, the BfS President Paulini points out that, in their view, should be open, what would be the consequences if, for example, have different operators structures on the same site transmit power. The BUND Chairman Hubert Refuses calls that “as soon as possible to be explored the health effects of 5G in the context of accompanying studies by independent institutions”. In addition, the government had reasons of “Pension Fund”, the limits of the mobile facilities before further Expansion to at least 90 percent.

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