Christoph Rieker steht am 28.11.2014 in Notzingen (Baden-Württemberg) in seinem Rollstuhl an einer Treppe zum Rathaus. Der Rollstuhlfahrer Rieker testet die Barrierefreiheit in Gastronomie, Hotellerie und öffentlichen Gebäuden. Foto: Daniel Maurer/dpa (zu dpa-Korr.-Bericht am 01.12.2014) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

In Berlin-Mitte, the police arrested a man on Monday afternoon who is said to have stolen from a wheelchair user and then hit him.

As the police announced on Tuesday, the 37-year-old man in a wheelchair offered art for sale on Am Zwirngraben street. To do this, he had placed an open wooden box in front of him for depositing money.

The 41-year-old is said to have stolen money from the box and then left. The wheelchair user tried to hold the man, after which the 41-year-old is said to have hit the man’s head with his fists.

Witnesses who observed the events intervened and overpowered the suspect, who is said to have hit one of the witnesses with a shoe. Police said no one was injured in the beating.