The Style They break the pot in the fashion world. Each in their own way. As a well-known tv faces, with a view to diversity and inclusion, who has created a slow fashion, the top photographer for Vogue, or the fashion designer of the hiphopsterren. Passion is what drives them, but it’s not all glitz and glam. Burnout is always just around the corner. Celebrity Nora Gharib (26) launches from the Collab: “I am very happy that I don’t have modelgeworden am.”

Nora Gharib, is yet another company which, when in a private collection. What makes her so special? “For me, there is a very clear link. I am a fashion lover, and I’m proud of it. I have my mom. She is a graduate to a designer.In our family, there was always a sewing machine. She now works for the Zebra-Fashion, with a store in Antwerp, and it is zeverkoopster and retoucheuse. I after completing my studies as a beautician, worked as a sales clerk. If Q3 search Q3 (Nora took part in the finals, ed.). do not come to be, then I doubt a sales clerk. In addition, I have an aunt who is in a Louis Vuitton in Paris, working for the VIC’s, the very important customers. I am so glad that I made this collab with CKS was able to do it. I would totally do my thing. Good, because I’m very stubborn.”

“it is Very hard. I think everybody is looking at the people in the world of fashion and everyone wants to feel good in his own skin can feel. If there is, then, an image is continuously displayed, it will have such a big impact. That’s why I said from the very beginning be very clear at CKS that I can dress for any size, any color, any type. I am a very, very small, and for the little girls, the fashion industry is a place where they are not wanted. When I was about thirteen years old, I wanted to be very much like a model to be followed, I catwalklessen. I didn’t have to be told that I have to be really a model-to-be, was going to have to grow up. I knew that, that there’s not much in it, but I was already bigger than my mommy’s.”

do you Have another complex about it?

“no, No, I’m so happy with my height. I have never fit in, I always get the smallest size. I’m also glad that I don’t have the model myself. I still have a behind-the-scenes work as a make-up artist, and it’s a cut-throat industry.”

in The television world, doesn’t seem to me so hard.

“That’s true, but as a model, you will have less and less control. Now, I can choose what I want to attract and what I want to do it. Use the program thank you for the music, for now, is to look at one, ed.), that is, it is fit me like a glove. It’s about emotions, and I am very attentive to the absurd and move on.”

You have to have Moroccan roots. It was in your community for a long time been ignored by the world of fashion?

“I think there is more to take into account, especially in places such as Dubai, where the fashionable woman’s life. My mom was also a Moroccan fashion magazines, so I knew it was there. Here in the West, theres been a real breakthrough this time. Two years ago, you could see kaftans hanging in Zara, and you can see them on the street. Also, that is separate from Primark, and the Dolce & Gabbana featuring gehoofddoekte him I thought it was a big step forward. Ultimately, it is the mode of everyone else. If you want to be with, who wear a headscarf or not, it’s nice to have the option there, then you have no one.”

One of the you a lot of money on clothes?

“I don’t feel good or have anything to do, I’m going to go shopping. My looks is that it is very good for the wallet a lot less. But what do I do with my money? They say that material things do not make happy, but to me it is. My husband is even worse. He is a process operator in the chemical industry, but is obsessively concerned with fashion. He wears only brands. When we go shopping, he is a bad influence on me. If I have a bag of Bags and a doubt, because it is what it is, he urges me to to to to buy. Sometimes, I think, but then again the thing.(laughs)I love to mix and match with a skirt is $ 30, with the belt of 400. It’s nice that I can do. I am very early, only to go on living, and I’ve got everything to pay for it. There have been times when I have even a T-shirt from H&M 35 € would be too expensive, or just buy it in the sale. Now, a new collection can feel is a great achievement.”

fashion designer, Sarah-The-Saint-Hubert, (Page 38): “I am not a fashionista. The fashion doesn’t bother me, my point of view, it is rather poetic -”