The attack by a 31-year-old on a 61-year-old passenger on a Berlin S-Bahn has led to a guilty verdict of attempted murder. After a short dispute, Sebastian V. hit the man with his fist for no reason and then almost threw him out of the open train door at full speed, the Berlin district court said on Thursday.

The construction worker was sentenced to three years and six months in prison. He should pay the victim 1200 euros. In addition, his placement in a rehabilitation center was ordered.

During the trip in August 2021, the accused was waiting for an opportunity to react. He was drunk and “extremely aggressive”. He sat on the train with his legs stretched out in the aisle, his dog next to him.

When the 61-year-old climbed over the obstacle, there was probably contact. The 61-year-old complained in passing with a remark.

“The accused felt provoked,” the verdict said. Without a word, he hit the other passenger.

The 61-year-old, who has a heart condition, wanted to pull the emergency brake, but accidentally pressed the emergency door release button. The accused then grabbed the man by the jacket, according to the court. “He was about to push or throw the victim out of the open door.”

He accepted that the 61-year-old could die. An 83-year-old friend of the victim intervened and pulled the accused away.

V. had admitted punches, but denied an attempted push from the moving track. His lawyer had demanded a year in prison for assault. The verdict is not yet legally binding.