After a man was shot in front of a late-night shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg, a 24-year-old must answer before the Berlin district court from Thursday.

The charge is attempted murder. In revenge, he and a previously unknown accomplice are said to have shot at a man who was 29 at the time of the crime on the corner of Fürbringerstrasse and Mittenwalder Strasse – near the Gneisenaustrasse underground station – in November 2020.

The man was critically injured and had to undergo emergency surgery. According to earlier information from the Berlin police, the victim should belong to an extended Arab family.

A third accomplice, against whom negotiations have already taken place, helped the two shooters escape in a car.

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The motive is said to have been a dispute over a greeting by a member of the 29-year-old’s family that was considered improper.