The Internet, In a speech to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, his company has been portrayed as a “bastion of free speech”. Also, he defended the controversial policies of the political ads, that is still allowed to be on the top of the platform, and without Facebook, the content of political messages directed to a feitencheck subjects.

In a speech full of references to the First Amendment of the U.s. constitution, which, among other things, the freedom of expression guarantee), which he did at Georgetown university, attempted to be Done with a negative image in the past few years around the scandal-ridden company, to return. Zuckerberg cited several times in the “battle for democracy” and stated that “the manner and extent to which people are now able to express themselves (through Facebook and social media, ed. a new force in the world is the one-Fifth Power-in addition to the different power structures of our society”, she said.

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and According to Zuckerberg, it is his company, an advocate, and to be a bastion of freedom of speech and expression”. “Given the sensitivity around political ads, I’ve thought about it to get them all the way to the ban”, she said. “But political ads are an important way for your voice to be heard, especially for the local candidates, the new challengers, and interest groups that otherwise would not be a great deal of media attention. The ban on political advertising is biased towards politicians in office, and who is a media-attention”, she said.

In the last few years was Facebook, regularly come under fire because of the laid-back approach to the fake news reports and disinformation, and the inability of the company to be violent in content, that is, through the network like wildfire all over the world, quickly, offline to pick it up. They had been repeatedly calling for ” new, stricter rules and regulations.