Germany is currently experiencing an Invasion of unprecedented scale. Millions of bugs are invading homes and apartments. Concerned citizens beat bugs alarm and block the bugs Hotline of the Ministry of agriculture in Saxony, it should be occasionally came to bugs enemy’s rallies.

the animals are harmless, they’re just looking for a place to Overwinter. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases, but each spoken word. You hear everything, and if you warm again in the spring exclusive, it may be that you know too much. Many people are afraid of Attacks by the beetle-like animals.

But entomologists give the all-clear. In order to take a person out of his house, would be 350.000 bugs necessary. There is a maximum of 345.000 bugs in a normal household on average. You should not crush the animals, by the way, because they excrete a foul-smelling Secretion. The smell remains for months, and the visitors ask: “Have you slain here about bugs?”