The Style of The American fashion designer Zac Posen (39) in turn are actually the same label, stop, after about 20 years of age. The designer himself, known in a statement in which he tells us were “deeply saddened” to have been. Posing for the public at large, especially well-known as a favorite rodeloperontwerper of the stars, and as a jury member in the tv series Project Runway .

the House of Z, and with Z Spoke, the owners of the label, Zac Posen, sent last Friday, in a statement to the world that they are expressing the view that the mark could not continue to exist. The tag had been up for a while to buy, but there is no proper investor is found.

Posen said that he was “deeply saddened that this journey to the end of 20 years on the job will get done”. He launched his brand in 2001 after he made a dress for Naomi Campbell’s design, and thus, it was observed by some of the influential people in the fashion industry. “We have been working very hard to keep us upright, to keep it in the challenge mode, and the shopping landscape,” says the designer. “Unfortunately, it is not enough to pay for you to stay in business.”

In an emotional post on Instagram and thanked his team.

This e-mail message on Instagram

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The New York-based designer is well known for its glamorous fairy-tale silhouette, and it had long been a favorite of stars like Rihanna and Michelle Obama. Below you can view some of his most memorable designs.

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars in 2007