The environment is A popular YouTuber, has a large-scale campaign to put as a goal for the end of the year, as many as 20 million trees to be planted. After 5 days, the total number of #TeamTrees been in for almost 8 million and that Jimmy MrBeast’ By, among others, due to the hundreds of other YouTubers who are in the action and have shared their a lot of that money is donated. But with a few large donations, such as those of the Teslabaas Elon Musk. Last bought on Wednesday morning, but less than 1 million trees at a time.

The idea actually came from fans By. They were asking him to do something good with his time and his money, if he has passed the 20 million followers, would be round on YouTube, such as the 20 million trees. That did not need to be told twice.

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in The last couple of months and have built up a great partnership on the legs, with a lot of other YouTubers, which is the idea of the tree planting operation likely had been. Then, get in touch with deArbor Day Foundation, the largest nonprofit in the world dedicated to the planting of the trees. He would be a 20 million dollar raise, and, in return, would give the Arbor Day Foundation, 20 million trees. That will be about it for the whole world to the ground to be stopped.

this Past Friday, it was the go-ahead was given. By then put in a movie to be YouTubekanaal, where he was in the action, explaining and, with the help of a lot of volunteers already to 1700 trees planted. The movie, the day after being massively shared on social media. On YouTube and Twitter with the hashtag #TeamTrees for days trending. (read on below)