Series A, Dries Mertens, and Napoli were able to yesterday, not to win, of Atlanta, and Timothy Castagne. It eventually became 2-2 after a controversial scheidsrechterswerk by Piero Giacomelli at the end of the match, and after the beat, also in the City De Laurentiis, the flamboyant owner of Neapolitan club, to the stop.

for a Moment, rewind to last night. All the way at the end of the match, with a 2-1-lead for the home side, swung a substitute Dries Mertens for the ball in front of goal. It was as though Fernando Llorente is in a favorable position to come out, but that was to be, Simon Kjaer, the following: with the fall in in this Context-the defender worked his opponent, who is also known as the elbow, the left wave, on the ground, with one of the better judowerk. All that blue and white scheeuwde to be a penalty, but referee Piero Giacomelli had just occurred. The ball went to the other side, where Josip Ilicic, borderline offside tap in case of shooting. Is no penalty and the 3-1, but 2-2, and the game was on in the car.

There was a commotion along the sidelines, and after a long consultation with the VSA, it was the edge of the box by the visitors which Timothy Castagne and had to make do with the subbing has been approved. The yellow cards were flying around, a coach, Carlo and Such (which is the first yet still tried to comfort her, and one of his assistants were with the red and turned away. 2-2 it was all at once, in the end, the referee Giacomelli, and left the field at the San Paolo stadium will be under a fastening flute concerto. “This is not an attack on my professionalism, and my players and my club, which was Such after the end of strictly for Giacomelli.

We’ve had enough of it. Without the us, would be the arbiters of potatoes with the skins are:

Aurelio De Laurentiis

Even in the City De Laurentiis, the man at Right sitting in the hole. “Why do you need to have, and if there is a value is present, the eight minutes of stoppage time, add? There was still, however, being pushed and shouted. And why is it a ridiculous behavior to the ref, who was a gentleman, as Such sending it? We have had enough of it. Without the us, would be the arbiters of potatoes to peel it. We are tired of this scheidsrechterlijk level of pay,” he told Sky Sport Italia.
a Journalist gets a wipe out of the frying pan

As De Laurentiis followed by a question received from a journalist from another media, and he went all the way around the bend. “I’m just a 20-minute voice. Try for once in your life, not a rat to be. Don’t be the reporter who at all costs wants to show you what a thrill it is. Try to be a professional and to take personal responsibility to not only be close to the Right as the home team, but for soccer in general,” was the journalist’s, the fully charged battery.