Ranking Rumbling trees, hersenorgasmes, and the fireflies… The Grand Illusion is in the Rivierenhof went to a Wednesday start. The Great Illusion, it is a spectacle to nature, as the main protagonist, and will be a new surprise behind every tree. “The inspiration for the walk, it is life itself,” says the creative force behind a Day.

For the second year in a row, the Rivierenhof in Deurne, the netherlands is the setting for ‘The Great Illusion’. Up to and including 11 november and the park was immersed in a magical atmosphere, with different sounds, colors and even scents in 2018. This year, in the face of The Great Illusion In the Reeds, and New Levels, that is, the ribbons with ivy yesterday doorknipten to be the very first to the public.

creative Force behind Day Of the Hostauijen: “in terms of Content, the show is not the same as the previous year, but the philosophy remains the same. The Great Illusion, it is not a festival, not just a collection of art installations, but it should be part of the same whole, in which all of the scenes that you find to be in harmony with each other and with the environment. In this context, it is naturally our greatest actor on your way. We also have a self-willed world, you can have all the sounds, smells and colors of his or her own interpretation of it.”


Who is The Great Illusion, a grunting tree meet, it may be assumed that a noise is a beatboxer Uruz (from Belgium’s Got Talent). Uruz, that is, the Acquisition, Wouter’s, creates extra noise in the park. The Great Illusion begins to experiment on the trail with a specific audio frequencies in order to mensenonbewust is in a certain state of mind to bring along. It is also attempted to be a‘hersenorgasme to trigger it: a tingling sensation in the head, triggered by sounds like whispering, creaking,rustling, tapping, or crackling, you are going to do to relax.

But you’re not the only beatboxer Uruz during The Show: the plants in the Rivierenhof make a real geluid.De the producers of The Great Illusion, used special equipment to omimpulsen of plants are to be read and to convert them into klanksignalen. In addition, cacti,sanseveria, and other succulents, aloes are used as well as extraordinary sound. Also, there is opnamesgemaakt of the trees in the Rivierenhof, during a violent storm. As a result, it makes vooreigenzinnige sound patterns, which together make up the soundtrack of The Great Illusion of form.

Last year, more than 35,000 visitors to The Grand Illusion. The driving forces of the show the dreams to be with their sponsor, they traveled to other parks worldwide to be able to turn it in, and last week they went with their own creation by 2018, at Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

from A standaardticket the cost is 16 euros. Children up to 12 years of age and aged 65 years and over pay € 13. the departure and the arrival, once again, in the well-known open-air theatre. For more info, opdegroteschijn.be.