Yota started selling SIM cards for smartphone on Tmall

Yota started selling SIM cards for smartphone on the marketplace Tmall. The cost of a SIM card is 250 roubles, at purchase the customer receives a package of minutes and gigabytes for a trial period, after which you will be able to choose the necessary number of Internet and minutes. The conditions of the test period may vary depending on the region. Delivery is made “Mail of Russia”. Also, buyers in more than 1,500 cities, delivery by courier if you select “Courier online” on the website Tmall.

“the Expansion of product distribution Yota in the online channels continues to be one of our priorities. In terms of isolation, the volume of online orders is growing. So, in April the number of orders has doubled compared to March. We are confident that our cooperation with Tmall will allow customers to quickly and comfortably connect to Yota without leaving your home”, – says Director of sales and service Yota Anton nazarovskiy.

to Activate the SIM card, the user through a special application. In the case of binding the Bank card, the customer will receive a discount on the first month of when 50% by the end of the test period.