Royalty, crown princess Elisabeth, is celebrating its eighteenth anniversary this year. The anniversary of the troonopvolgster was celebrated with a grand ceremony at the Royal Palace in Brussels, in the presence of the entire royal family and important guests. Among other things Songfestivalzangeres Blanche, and the Royal ballet school of Antwerp to give a concert in front of princess Elizabeth. “The country can count on me”, it was decided princess Elizabeth in her first major speech. The first emotional speech,

“in The country, you can count on me.” In this way, decided to crown princess Elisabeth, in her speech in the Throne room of the royal palace, where the eighteenth anniversary has been celebrated. Now, the princess has come of age, they could actually be her father, the king, Philip the direct follow-up, as the head of state, if need be. Elizabeth is the first Queen of the Belgians to be.

“for The past eighteen years, I have a lot of meaningful moments. That have made me who I am. Eighteen is the process of transition to a more adult life. One time, when I’m standing still for all that I have been given all the opportunities for me are available. And, in the process, I feel only gratitude for it,” said Elizabeth.

The princess and thanked her family, her teachers, and was also happy that the Princess Elisabethziekenhuis that they have “a special relationship” has existed with some of the patients. Also, thanks to the young people, who just like her for their eighteenth birthday to celebrate in terms of the message this morning, came in, and all of the other witnesses. “They have demonstrated a very clear understanding of the issues and the jets are also a lot of wisdom from it. I share your concerns for the future, and, in particular, to the climate, and the fact that we have unanimous answer on that. I think, in the future, because I see how strong my generation in this effort. I will share with you the same hope and the same desire to make a difference.”

all The young Duchess of Brabant, said that the step to be eighteen years of age “with a lot of optimism,” make a move. “I am aware that I have a lot of learning to do. There will be me for the next few years, take to: help make the world better, to understand it and help improving it, by myself, to the best of it.”

to have a look at the first speech given by princess Elizabeth, as troonopvolgster: