Wrote off fuel to half a million roubles, in Novosibirsk a military judge for a bribe, and embezzlement

Kalininsky district court considering a criminal case against Karim Karimov, head of Department of Novosibirsk military unit — it is assumed that for him the Ministry of defence has been deprived of fuel by almost half a million rubles.

a Man accused of embezzlement (part 3 of article 160 of the criminal code) and bribery on a large scale (paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 291 of the criminal code).

— Karimov is accused in the period from 28 Jul 2015 to 28 June 2019, using the official position head of Department (quality control of fuel and lubricants) of the military unit 58661 ISLANDS, making up fictitious waybills, creating the excess diesel fuel and gasoline, through its fictitious cancellation and subsequent implementation, — said in court.