Cycling, While Mathieu van der Poel, on Sunday, in Yet again, and the field has to offer, it works Wout van Aert (25) to continue his recovery. Set a date on his return to the paste, and the triple world champion in the field, not just yet. Van Aert will be happy when he goes back to the old one it may be, as he puts it in the eeninterview with weekbladHUMO.

this Past summer, there was an abrupt end to a fine Tour, Wout van Aert, and even a stage win. During the trial, in Pau, was in the first stage, the Jumbo-Visma is in a collision with a nadarhek, with an ugly wound in his thigh as a result of it.“I’ve had a gaping, open wound with a 21 and a half inches long,” says Van Aert talking about it in the FESTIVAL. “Funnily enough, there was still a bond. ‘Whew, fortunately, there was no artery or nerve is being hit.’ However, two weeks later, we came to the realization I will have to re-learn the steps.”

But then there was another problem: the operation is in France, it was not well done. A tendon that is torn, and it was, and put aside. The French doctors, they had forgotten to attach it. “I heard that you won’t find anywhere better to be than to be in a Belgian hospital, but there was no other option, than to that individual straight away to be able to operate,” says Van Aert. “It will be asked: I am there, in France, are simply closed and that’s it. That string has five days to losgehangen. I am happy to be in Belgium, after only five days, had surgery again, because a week later it was done, it was my leg and not be able to save. And it was a top-class sport is simply not there anymore.”