Animal search and rescue team on a 2,500 meters-high mountain in the U.s. city of Salt Lake City, Utah, usa, an adult dog will be saved. The three-year-old, 86 kg, the English mastiff was suffering from fatigue affected you during the hike up to the top. He couldn’t have been more on his arms, legs, face and the people at the barricade to be lowered.

Images of the rescue operation by the local police, opFacebookgedeeld. According to the team, and that the dog is in the safety catch was on-duty sheriff’s at around 18: 30 in the evening of the walkers, and the message is that of a man, and quite the tall dog to a great extent the problems have been, and desperately needed help. The two were on the road it was going to be the nearly 9-kilometer-long wandeltochtGrandeur Peak trailrichting mountain and back down to the foot.

middle part of the tour was on the Cover, walking the dog, no leg, and more to be done. As it started to get dark it was a quick intervention is necessary. So the mastiff and his owner on the mount, at low temperatures, to spend the night.Several workers found the man and his dog was cold, along the path, and then with a wag of its Music scene by ambulance to the downstairs, was carried. The owner was able to make the trek back without any problems, foot doctor, so report it to local authorities. “Floyd was a very well-behaved and happy he was to be assisted,” according to the police. ”A good boy.”

The rescue operation was on the Cover, with its worldwide attention, took at least four hours. The dog is now back home and making it on the most recent posts are good. The identity of the owner and is not published in the the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team.

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