vrasene In the Us in Vrasene Wednesday afternoon, a 63-year-old female in a dramatic way in the life to come. The woman was in the windows on the first floor of the cloth when the balance is lost and it falls down. According to local residents, there is an urgent need to secure rails in the housing. The housing company says it has no reports have been given of the problems and promises of an investigation.

The tragic accident happened shortly before 14 o’clock. Anne-Marie D. was recently concluded with a brief chat with the neighbours. “I’m going to continue to make do with the scraps from my projects”, were her last words. A moment later, there was a marrow-sounding phrase. It was the husband of Anne-Marie, who is his wife’s death was to be found on the concrete path in front of the house. The woman was in an unclear way, and the equilibrium is lost when there is a large window at the patch of was on the second floor. It’s going to be a huge window, from floor-to-ceiling windows in the entrance hall to the first floor. The woman was a few meters down the path, and ran a heavy-duty hoofdwonde on it. The person the emergency services were very quickly on the spot, and took a reanimatiepoging, but which may, unfortunately, to no avail. The woman died at the scene of her injuries.