Europa League-AA Gent will try it tomorrow in the fourth match day of the Europa League, but their chances of a European spring, to cool, to keep up with Germany. Oliver Glasner, member of the German team, offers its citizens a very warm welcome. “Well, We’ll be there tomorrow to do everything possible in order to be a winner on the field”, commented the T1 today and moving forward.

Two weeks ago, it picked up in Ghent in the Ghelamco Arena, in the extreme, to a point, the war against the Germans (2-2). Roman Yaremchuk was pushing at the time of the end in, saw Germany there, a dangerous game. “The fact that we are in the Gent did not win, it was clear that the false goal in the added time,” said Glasner. “That’s a small bit that we’ve fallen short for the glory, we want to be tomorrow is in our hand. We were in Ghent two goals and kept more clean chances off. We’ll have to come back tomorrow to do that.”

“It’s not because we’re up against Ghent last weekend in the Bundesliga against Dortmund (3-0 loss, ed.). in the match, after a 55-minute hands-off gifts, which we are about to sleep on the ground. We have to train for months, in some cases, that is, in periods of time have already come true, but it still isn’t a match. But, I repeat, we want to be tomorrow’s gain and in our later post for the next round.”

Germany, and Ghent, to stand down a group of I-to-head, each with five points. Oleksandrija to Saint-Etienne followed up with two points.