Without a knife and blood in the famous Novosibirsk clinic children the adenoids are removed at the special technology

If you notice that the child is breathing hard or just through the mouth, it was worse to hear snores, he’s probably bothering the adenoids — enlarged tonsils located in the nasopharynx (not to be confused with Palatine tonsils). The disease most often appears in children from 3 to 7 years due to weakened immunity.

In a multidisciplinary clinic Pretor adenoids removed without knife and blood, with cobeli — cold plasma method.

We began to apply this technology one of the first in Russia. In surgery I was placed in the nasopharynx electrode — a thin tube with three small antennas that create a small plasma cloud melt and adenoids. Thanks to the melting of the wound is not bleeding, and the child is not experiencing pain (in contrast to burning or cutting). Visual inspection is carried out using an endoscope (small camera on the tube), I see the nose on the screen and make sure to clean every bottle, — said the surgeon-otolaryngologist clinic Pretor Alexander Prochanov.