Acknowledged Wietse Van de Ponseele (42), and Lending Braem (42) a number of years ago and was struck by the disaster. During the pregnancy she had to say goodbye to their first son, Fonske. In order to use this, they developed the koesterbootje’. “That’s helped us in the grieving process.”

funeral director George Verhaert from the point of Rest at Funerals, and my dad Wietse Van de Ponseele got to know each other through a mutual friend. “I’m trying to pay attention to mourn, and a personal touch,” says Gert Verhaert. “That’s when Wietse and his wife are on Loan during your pregnancy, unexpectedly had to say goodbye to their first son, we were in a little wooden coffin for him, with a soft, warm nest out of it. That would give them comfort, and it has helped a lot in the difficult times that followed.”

From the grief, it is now a few years later, the koesterbootje was born. “Because of my training as a graphic designer, and a carpenter, I went to get a box for a baby to develop it,” explains Wietse. “For those people that have the need for, and it is sometimes difficult to get the appropriate forms, and to find ways to say goodbye”.

small Boat to the other world,

“The koesterbootje is in fact a creation of the us, Fonske,” says Wietse. “The shape is soft and rounded, and the special tones of the spruce has a little fun. It is made up of several layers of wood, with the inside a sort of cocoon around the body in length. It’s in a style boat that the deceased children to a different world and pace, but it could just as easily be seen as a sheet of paper, or a single drop.”


“at the same time, in the form of a lot of creative options for a personalized touch. A mast with a flag, a lighted cabin, tiny lights, paint, oil, and decorate it with a painted hand, of the brothers and sisters, or in the name of the child. All of it is possible to see that there is a personal touch to it.”


The mortician Girl Verhaert has to deal with grief is very important. “We have found working together after a loss in the connection it creates and the support it provides. We are convinced that it is a warm and personal way to say goodbye to a little piece of comfort and guidance in the further process of grieving.” The koesterbootje is available in three different sizes, only to Rest at Funerals.

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